You are an employer and wish to help your employees to communicate in French? CIMOI offers in the workplace francization courses tailored to your needs. Flexible schedules, proficiency levels, industry-related vocabulary, wage subsidy… Discover more!



  • Benefit from a program subsidized by the Gouvernement du Québec.
  • Contribute to a building an ever-more inclusive society.
  • Encourage engagement among your employees by helping them learn French.
  • Provide employees with tools to help them thrive and increase performance
  • Promote your employer brand as being inclusive and positive


  • French classes offered in the workplace
  • Vocabulary adapted to your employee’s daily work needs
  • Classes offered during the workday
  • Flexible scheduling


  • Make it easier for your employees to balance work and language classes.
  • Help your employees learn vocabulary that is specifically related to their jobs
  • Generate increased confidence in communication between coworkers
  • Strengthen workplace safety.
  • Choose the class schedule that works best for your organization: morning, noon, afternoon, evening.


What happens if an employee leaves the company during their participation in the program?

Below the threshold number of participants established by the Ministry, subsidy might be reduced.

How are classes held during statutory holidays?

Classes will be postponed to the end of the session to account for class hours that were not held during statutory holidays. The session will always contain the same number of classes.

Is it possible to attend classes online?

Yes, you can choose to attend online or in person.

If the business does not have an appropriate space in which to offer French classes, does the CIMOI have rooms available?

Yes, the CIMOI can provide you with classrooms if they are available at the requested time.

Jocelyn Tiron
Programs Operational Support and Employment Counselor

514-305-1616, Ext 409