Since 1993, CIMOI, leader in global integration, assist immigrant peoplefrom the earliest stages of the integration journey. Save time and efforts in dealing with formalities and practical aspects of your installation process. Without delay, benefit from our expertise!



  • Experience warm and welcoming human relationships
  • Access reliable and appropriate resources
  • Build ability to get started on your adaptation under ideal conditions
  • Facilitate the process of integration into daily life


  • A warm and inclusive welcome
  • Personalized service offering in multiple languages:
    – French
    – English
    – Spanish
    – Arabic
    – Mandarin
    – Urdu
  • Key Information


  • Accompaniment in every practical and administrative aspect of installation
  • Active and constructive listening
  • Ability to obtain the necessary information with ease, immediately upon arrival
  • Time saved in your integration process
  • Advice on your specific situation
  • Solutions that meet your individual and familial needs


Are your services offered in languages other than French?

Yes. Not only are our services offered in French, but also in other languages, including English, Arabic, Spanish, Urdu, Farsi and Mandarin.

Can you help me fill out the application to renew my permanent resident?

Yes, we can provide this service. First, we’ll send you the link so that you can fill out the form by yourself (on your own). Then, you can make an appointment with one of our intervention workers to go over your form, if necessary.

Do I need to make an appointment to access your services?

We strongly suggest making an appointment in order to have a personalized meeting, and, especially, to ensure that an intervention worker is available.

Maria Moreno
Integration support worker

514-685-3000, Ext 226