You are an employer and wish to access a broader pool of talented and motivated candidates? CIMOI offers a range of recruitment services and builds sustainable partnerships with employers. Roster of candidates, expert advisors, tailored follow-ups… Discover more!



  • Establish a relationship of lasting trust to facilitate your recruitment processes
  • Obtain a solid match between candidates and positions
  • Simple and effective process and communication
  • Build a pool of candidates to fill current or future positions
  • Offset the labour shortage
  • Contribute to a more human society by encouraging diversity and inclusion


  • Upfront evaluation and definition of your needs
  • Targeted pre-selection of candidates
  • Structured professional internship
  • Speed recruitment


  • Speak to an expert in employability
  • Benefit from a personalized staffing service
  • Meet competent, motivated and well-prepared candidates who understand the Quebec job market and culture


How can my business collaborate with the CIMOI?

We have multiple options—all of which are free!

  • You will benefit from an external and personalized staffing service: we will evaluate your needs and pre-select candidates for you.
  • We will prioritize developing a relationship of trust and long-term partnership to help you benefit from a dedicated contact person.
  • We also have a professional internship program including insurance management thanks to a collaboration with Services Québec. Our risk-free, effective and free formula will help you see potential candidates in action for your internal needs. The internship can function as a training period and be an invaluable opportunity for immigrant workers to benefit from a Quebec-based reference and professional experience.
  • And, on an ad hoc basis, our “Contact-Emploi” speed recruitment event can help you meet competent job seekers from various walks of life and activity sectors.

Are there any costs associated with these services?

No! Our placement services are free.

What should I do to start our collaboration with the CIMOI?

Give us a call at 514-305-1616 or email us at . A job counselor will be in touch with you to evaluate your labour needs and offer you the best possible solution.

Please contact CIMOI’s team