You are an immigrant and wish to get a better understanding of the Quebec health care and social services network? At CIMOI, a Health Intercultural Communitarian Intervenor (ICI Santé) is available to help you! Individual appointments, group sessions, documentation… Discover more!



  • Simplify access to the health care and social services network.


  • Personalized service allowing to target most relevant resources based on the situation.
  • Individual meetings with our Health Intercultural Communitarian Intervenor (ICI Santé).
  • Group information sessions, facilitated by professional from the health care and social services network.



  • Understand how the health care and social services network works.
  • Optimize the utilization of the Clic Santé platform to find resources and book appointments.
  • Understand the differences between available options (811, 911, CLSC, medical clinics, hospitals, etc.).
  • Learn about différents prevention services available to the immigrantes.


Is there a fee to meet an ICI Santé?

The meetings are free for eligible immigrants, thanks to financial support from the Government of Quebec.

Will ICI Santé find me a doctor?

ICI Santé can help you save time and effort by explaining the health and social services network to you as well as the different tools available to users. She will explain to you, among other things, how to register with the Family Doctor Access Center.

Will ICI Santé be able to recommend medications or medical treatments to me?

ICI Santé does not offer medical consultations and cannot prescribe treatment, regardless of the situation. However, she will be able to inform you about the services available (family or specialized medicine, dentists, optometrist, emergencies, mental health, nutrition, physiotherapy, vaccination, etc.)