Anchored in the West-Island community since 1993, in partnership with a range of Quebec institutions, organisms and employers, CIMOI is a leader in integration that assists immigrant people in the installation, francization, employment and community living areas.

Our intervention approach is based on four principles:

  • Respect
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Accountability
  • Cooperation

Respect for people, freedom of opinion and personal choices in an intercultural framework

Driven by an interculturalism philosophy, we facilitate access to immigrants’ full-fledged participation in their new host society.

Through inclusion and open-mindedness, our team members greet, inform and equip immigrant people, respecting their background, global identity and home culture.

Self-empowerment and customized services

Using a personalized approach, we assist immigrant people in achieving their own full autonomy.

Through a proven expertise and an empathetic listening, our team members identify needs, guide and equip immigrant people with practical responses.

Accountability and trustworthiness

Focused on building trustful relations, we persevere in working with our customers to build sustainable solutions to immigration-related challenges.

Through a relentless motivation, our team members are committed to equip immigrant people to take informed decisions and tackle challenges.

Cooperation and collaborative spirit

Driven by a collaborative mindset, we partner with our customers targeting the achievement of their self-fulfilment and the success of their integration journey.

Through a range of partnerships and information-sharing with customers, our team forge alliances to build action plan and tailored integration approach.