You are an immigrant searching for a job and wish to fast track your professional integration? CIMOI holds a dynamic recruitment event. Speed interviews,inclusive employers, networking… Discover more!



  • Have the opportunity to make a good first impression, beyond simple C.V.-based selections
  • Have better tools to feel confident in interviews and optimize your chances of being hired.
  • Widen your professional network.


  • One-time recruitment event.
  • Preparatory workshops prior to the event.


  • Meet with multiple recruiters in person who are actively seeking candidates.
  • Receive relevant information on the Quebec job market.
  • Take stock of your strengths, good qualities and skills, and learn to highlight them in interviews.


How can I tell if Contact-Emploi would be a useful activity for me?

A job counselor will help clarify your needs and will work with you to find out if the Contact-Emploi event is an option that could help you reach your professional goals.

Do I need to register to participate in Contact-Emploi?

Yes, registration is mandatory. You will also need to meet with one of our job counselors to evaluate your needs and establish your profile. [Coordonnées du CIMOI et lien]

Can I participate in the Contact-Emploi event without participating in the training workshops?

Experience has shown us that candidates who have participated in the training workshops have had a higher rate of success in the recruitment process. We strongly recommend taking advantage of the training workshops, which have been designed to provide you with resources.

Nathalie Le Conte-Good
Team leader and employment counselor

514-305-1616, Ext 415