EAS (Employment Assistance Services)

You are an immigrant and wish to make a sustainable integration to the Quebec labour market? CIMOI offers a bespoke and flexible employment consulting service. Personal advisor, coaching, resume, mock interview… Discover more!



  • Benefit from a personalized evaluation of your needs and follow-ups
  • Increase your likelihood of finding a job that corresponds to your expectations
  • Encourages perseverance and success in the job search process
  • Creates a long-lasting professional impact


  • Individual support
  • Access to job offers
  • Multimodal meetings and work sessions (telephone, in-person, email and video conference)


  • Direct access to a private available counselor
  • Learn at your own pace, balancing your job search with your personal life
  • Optimize your job search and access more interviews
  • Align your profile with available jobs
  • Access an employer network
  • Benefit from flexible planning in your overall journey


Will you make my C.V. for me?

No, this service goes well beyond that! The program is designed to help you develop your autonomy. Your counselor will guide you as you create and update your C.V. according to your profile and different job offers. In addition to providing C.V. support, your counselor will put you in touch with employers and will help you prepare for job interviews.

Will you find me a job?

Your job counselor will give you the tools you need to support you in your job search, including submitting your application to multiple businesses to increase the probability of getting you an interview.

When can I start the program?

Whenever you’re ready! All you need to do is make an appointment to confirm your eligibility and register. After that, your counselor will meet with you to evaluate your specific needs and set up a personalized action plan with you.

Karla Gabriela Alanis
Team leader and employment counselor

514-305-1414, Ext 303