You are an immigrant parent and wish to tackle immigration-related parental challenges? CIMOI offersthe Espace parents interactive workshops, facilitated in small groups. Educational material, discussions, support network… Discover more!



  • Find support in your role as a parent in the context of immigration
  • Receive helpinincreasing your self-confidence, managingstress and navigating your new reality in your new country of residence.
  • Facilitate your child’s or your children’s scholastic success and ability to thrive
  • Encourage involvement and collaboration with different support workers and institutions.


Designed specifically for immigrant parents, Parent Space addresses key elements of a positive parental experience:

  • Impact of immigration on families
  • Role of, and challenges for, parents
  • Children’s needs and development
  • Educational system and values

Discussions and activities in small groups.
Support documentation and individual exercises.


  • Understand the impacts of immigration on families
  • Can help implement changes in behaviours and attitudes that encourage a smooth transition for the whole famil
  • Discover strategies and resources to help your immigrant family.
  • Build awareness of your strengths and challenges in the role of parent and discuss your experiences with others.


Can I participate if I'm not a parent?

Yes. Anyone interested in the topic of parenting in the context of immigration is welcome to join our workshop.

Will the workshop be offered in person or remotely?

The workshop will take place in person over seven consecutive weeks, in accordance with the precautionary measures recommended by the Ministère de la santé.

Will I have the opportunity to share my concerns as an immigrant parent?

The purpose of the workshop is to overcome the challenges that immigrant parents experience as they navigate parenthood in a new country. We’ll address strategies, advice and resources in our interactive sessions.

Asma Ahmed
Integration support worker

514-305-1616, Poste 413
Samar Fathalli
Integration support worker

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