Y’APP (Y’A Personne de parfait)

You are an immigrant parent and wish to broaden your parenting skills? CIMOI offersY’APP (Y’A Personne de Parfait) Program, facilitated in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Behaviors, growth, positive parenting… Discover more!



  • Build a support network with other parents.
  • Enjoy sessions tailored to participants’ needs and interests.
  • Evolve in a friendly and safe ambiance, without the feeling of being judged.
  • Use a positive approach to improve your sense of confidence in your parental skills.


  • Parental skills enrichment program (2-hour sessions for 7 consecutive weeks).
  • Five themes specifically tailored for parents: Safety, body development, behaviors, growth and parents’ role.


  • Enhance knowledge about children’s health, safety and behaviors.
  • Participate in learning activities that aim at understanding and addressing most common parental challenges.
  • Explore positive education and disciplining strategies, without stress.


How long does the program last?

The program involves seven weekly meetings.

What are the eligibility criteria for participation in this program?

This program is designed for parents with children aged 0 to 5. However, anyone interested in the program will be considered.

Will the program take place in person or online?

The program will take place in person, in accordance with the measures recommended by the Ministère de la santé.

Asma Ahmed
Integration support worker

514-305-1616, Ext 413